Friday, April 15, 2011

Weddings, Part 1

Random Thoughts on Weddings, Part 1

Lately I have been obsessed with weddings.  I love everything about them, the dress, the decorations, and just the thought of having a massive party celebrating the couple.  But my question is, is it all worth it?  Part of me says, yes of course it is.  It is a once in a lifetime thing, it’s a day you’ll remember for the rest of your life, it’s the first day of forever.  Another part of me says, not really.  I think about how much money goes into just that one single day.  You wear a dress worth hundreds or thousands of dollars, you spend a year planning, and you make sure everything is perfect day in and day out but for what?  So you can say it was better than someone else’s?  So you can prove your love?  I am just not sure.
Truth of the matter is I am a fashion girl.  I love the idea of everyone dressing up.  I love the idea of decorating the tables, chairs, etc…I think I just love, love.  Maybe to sum things up, the couple should celebrate however they feel comfortable…as long as it is within their budget (ugh, why does there have to be budgets??).  Every couple deserves to feel as special as they are and to celebrate how they can.
I have been going back and forth on this a lot…tis the season, right?!


  1. Ahhhhh Em, I just wrote up a big long thing and it went to an error page and didn't submit my comment :(

  2. Ok lets see how can I sum up what I wrote...basically I was saying that if I didn't have such a big extended family that I wanted there, I might have thought about doing a destination wedding or a smaller thing. You can definitely do a great wedding on a small budget though (if you don't have super fancy taste...but you're totally a DIY type of girl, right?)! I don't think that weddings are about proving your love or about one upping anyone else...Weddings are just tradition...and even though I don't believe in everything that weddings used to symbolize, I still can't imagine not having a big one! It's an amazing feeling that can't be explained to walk down that aisle with all your friends and family and future partner looking at just feel all that love and support from the people in your life and to be walked down by your parents (or just dad in most cases) who have led you through your life for so's a cool symbolism. :) So should we start planning for you and D?? hehe ;)

  3. I totally agree...I think a destination wedding would be a great way to go but D and I have just two very loving families that would kill us if we didn't have a big wedding! Yes though, you can bet I will be coming up with and making most things if possible! Just the thought of walking down the isle makes me happy slash scared out of my mind! What if I trip?? haha...

  4. Also, give it a year and a half or so ;) Give or take lol