Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nail Polish Yourself

So I am not sure if I missed out on this high school obsession or what, but recently I have become infatuated with nail polish.  In fact, I've made a pact of sorts with my friend Mish who has rediscovered this with me to change our color every Sunday.  I am currently trying to decide what my new color is going to be and realizing I should go shopping for more...

While we all know that O.P.I is the best, there are a few others out there that can compete; at least in the sense of saturation of color and price.

Look for Sinful Colors nail polish.  You can get it at Walgreen's and Target or online at (which is currently closed for maintenance but should be open soon!).  The bottles are a pretty good size and only cost $1.99 at the store or $2.50 online plus shipping.  There are tons of colors available and new collections out all the time.  Right now, Walgreen's has the Carousel Collection that boasts nostalgic pastels in teal, pink and blues.

For the spring, I love chalky pastels on fingers as long as your nails aren't too long.  Go for pinks or blue/greens.  I secretly paint my toes bright summer colors at this point because I am not quite ready to wear open toe shoes yet but love to be reminded that warmth is on its way!  I am wearing a bright blue from Sally Hansen that looks like a slushie.  I think next I am going for yellow in the same brand.  These are only $2.99 and can be found anywhere that sells polish.

Here is the link to the colors I purchased from Sally Hansen so far: - I have Blue Me Away and Mellow Yellow

Well, I better get to painting or Mish will be mad!


  1. Have you polished fluffy's claws yet? And when do you think Fluff will make a blog appearance like his buddy Garf?

  2. No, not yet. He would be very handsome in the minty green color I just purchased though. Also, he will be making an appearance soon. I promise, I've got plans!

  3. I'm in love with sinful colors nail polish! So much cheaper and love the colors. I too have a nail polish obsession and think you can never have enough colors :)

  4. I know right? Was just in Walgreens today and they have a new collection!!! Polka dots! The colors are super!!